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International Journal of Critical Indigenous Studies

International Journal of Critical Indigenous Studies

Current Issue

Vol 12 No 1 (2019)
Published: 2019-05-27
  • The Uluru statement
    Jesse John Fleay, Barry Judd
  • Wongi mi bardup (doing it our way)
    Rhonda Marriott, Tracy Reibel, Juli Coffin, Terri-Lee Barrett, Janinne Gliddon, Melanie Robinson, Denese Griffin, Roz Walker
  • Exploring the lived experience of one Rural Teacher in Indigenous context in Chilean Northern Territory: A narrative inquiry
    Angela Rossana Baeza
  • Realizing Indigenous Rights in the Context of Extractive Imperialism:
    Terry Mitchell
Early Release Articles
  • Imagining American Indians and Community in Southeast Asia
    Yancey Orr, Raymond Orr
  • Tll yahda
    Michaela McGuire
  • Intergenerational influences of hunger and community violence on the Aboriginal people of Western Australia: A review
    Francesca Robertson; David Coall; Dan McAullay, Alison Nannup