• Aileen Moreton-Robinson
    Queensland University of Technology
  • Maggie Walter
    University of Tasmania
  • David Singh
    Queensland University of Technology


This edition of the International Journal of Critical Indigenous Studies marks the tenth since the journal’s launch in 2008. During that time, over forty articles and eleven book reviews have been published, which is testament to the continuing upward trajectory of Critical Indigenous Studies. Although there continues to be an increasing range of areas of Indigenous research to which a critical focus is brought to bear, a consistent issue for many of the journal’s contributors has been the delineation and application of Indigenous methods and methodologies in social research. The present edition is no exception, with two articles focussing on Indigenous-centred research. The first, by Krystal Summers, reflexively explores the author’s experiences as an undergraduate student undertaking Indigenous-centred research in Peru. As an Indigenous First Nations woman, Summers was mindful that her research practice was faithful to the ethics and protocols outlined in her original project proposal. Her subsequent ‘journey of critical reflexive understanding and storytelling’ supports the proposition of current literature in Indigenous research methodologies that a properly critical Indigenous ethnography will naturally enjoin with Indigenous epistemologies and methodologies

Published: 2013-01-01
Pages:1 to 1
Section: Editorial
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