Tll yahda

Visions of a Haida justice system

  • Michaela McGuire
    Simon Fraser University


Before contact, Indigenous peoples had their own notions of justice and ways of responding to wrongdoing. However, these systems have been repressed by colonial forces and imposed governance. The present research utilised semistructured interviews with a diverse group of Haida people who shared their insights into visions of a Haida justice system (HJS). The guiding research questions included: What does justice mean to Haida people? What do Haida people envision in terms of Haida justice? What could some potential first steps be
towards Haida Justice? Four main themes emerged: Culture is keeping us from collapsing under the weight of colonial oppression; Haida law, values and ways of being; old ways of doing justice; and, visions of tll yahda—Haida Justice. This study provides an examination of Haida culture, law and justice. Results demonstrate the importance of accountability, witnesses, potlatch, culture and resolution. 

Published: 2019-09-24
Pages:18 to 33
Section: Articles
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McGuire, M. (2019). Tll yahda: Visions of a Haida justice system. International Journal of Critical Indigenous Studies, 12(2), 18-33.