The struggle for land: Tribal land issues and debates


This article investigates the problems facing Tribal peoples in India. It is about the issue of land and the debate over how it arose and persists; it exposes the problems in Tribal societies. The study focuses on the land and Tribal identity, and land issues and debates affecting various interests of Tribal peoples in the Bodoland Territorial Region of Assam. It is necessary to study the causes of land conflicts between Tribals and other groups, and the laws and government policies enacted over the years to protect them and prevent land expropriation. The region is discussed here to keep the issue on track. The findings show that Tribal people consider that the government process has not ensured the secure use of land in the region. The proper administration strategy should maintain Tribal land and the means for Tribal peoples’ adjustment to changing conditions.

Published: 2022-08-09
Pages:41 to 57
Section: Articles
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Brahma, A., & Mushahary, J. (2022). The struggle for land: Tribal land issues and debates. International Journal of Critical Indigenous Studies, 15(1), 41-57.