Indigenous Peoples

Self-Determination Knowledge Indigeneity

  • Bronwyn Frederics
    Queensland University of Technology


This book is an important read for a number of reasons. In an era where the term globalisation is bandied around in relation many fields of study ie , to resources, peoples, information, capital, biology, this book in its entirety attempts to address s the impact of globalisation on Indigenous communities and its people through a wide range of interdisciplinary perspective. This edited collection, therefore, brings to the fore some of the complex issues of Indigenous identity, Indigenous activism and case studies within different nation states. As a whole it attempts to answer some of the issues raised by discussions on and around Indigenous identity and relational identity. The book is well suited as a text for students and professionals in the social sciences, humanities, cultural studies, Indigenous studies and law.

Published: 2009-06-01
Pages:46 to 47
Section: Book Reviews
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Frederics, B. (2009). Indigenous Peoples: Self-Determination Knowledge Indigeneity. International Journal of Critical Indigenous Studies, 2(2), 46-47.