• Levon Blue
    Queensland University of Technology
  • Peter Anderson
    Queensland University of Technology


In this edition, the contributing authors represent a variety of disciplines, including sociology, humanities, psychology and management/business. The importance of academics from many disciplines researching and writing about Indigenous matters means that researchers are positioning themselves as ready to work across disciplines to help solve real-world problem facing Indigenous people worldwide. In the first article, Josie Arnold advocates for practice-led research (PLR) as a model for credentialling Indigenous knowledges in academia. The second article, by Jennifer Chisholm, critically examines and problematises the notion of Indigenous transgender acceptance. In the third article, Stefan Gröschl argues that interculturalism is a means towards collaboration between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people. The final article in this issue is co-authored by Mohajer Abbass Hameed and Shaun Coade, who argue that the majority of research methodologies and treatment protocols used in mainstream psychology are in tension with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural values.

Published: 2018-08-10
Pages:1 to 2
Section: Editorial
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