Muxe, Two-Spirits, and the myth of Indigenous transgender acceptance

  • Jennifer Chisholm
    University of Cambridge


This theoretical essay critically examines and problematises the notion of Indigenous transgender acceptance among the muxe of Mexico and Native American Two-Spirits that is commonly represented in Western social science activist research. Relying on a close reading of works by social scientists within the field of Indigenous studies, I argue that an overemphasis on the historical acceptance of transgender people in Indigenous communities in the literature distracts from the contemporary discrimination that they face within their own communities. Furthermore, I contend that such a congratulatory stance towards certain Indigenous communities without gender binaries ignores how the acceptance of transgender women can be rooted in sexism.

Published: 2018-08-10
Pages:21 to 35
Section: Articles
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Chisholm, J. (2018). Muxe, Two-Spirits, and the myth of Indigenous transgender acceptance. International Journal of Critical Indigenous Studies, 11(1), 21-35.