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International Journal of Critical Indigenous Studies

Reflections on 'Aboriginalising' the Research Process

Hunting and Gathering' as a Focus Group Methodology


This article describes the way a multidisciplinary research team set about 'Aboriginalising' their research processes in the initial phase of a project that aimed to develop a culturally appropriate model of care for urban Aboriginal people with diabetes. Although academic conventions and protocols tended to dominate, the project incorporated the innovative approach that the Aboriginal researchers brought to the process of recruiting and facilitating focus groups, which they likened to 'hunting and gathering'. In developing and strengthening partnerships between research institutions and Aboriginal communities, it is important that Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal researchers challenge the conventional academic models of research in ways that are culturally appropriate and informed by Aboriginal scholarship. This article illustrates the difficulties and challenges on both sides of the partnership. It concludes by outlining the key principles learnt during the first phase of the project.


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Burchill, M., Lau, P., Pyett, P., Kelly, S., Waples-Crowe, P., & Liaw, S.-T. (2011). Reflections on ’Aboriginalising’ the Research Process. International Journal of Critical Indigenous Studies, 4(2), 29-39.