Indigenous Research Methodologies

  • Cindy Hanson
    University of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada


The transnational perspectives offered in Indigenous Research Methodologies by Bagele Chilisa make this book not only a valuable resource for university- and community-based research and engagement, but also one with practical and wide-reaching appeal for scholars, community researchers, and graduate students. Bagele Chilisa, a Botswanabased scholar, undertakes an extensive examination of Indigenous methodologies that draws on theories and practices from a variety of cultural and academic contexts. Her examples range across African proverbs and songs, Indigenous story-telling and mixed research methods including Indigenized Euro-Western approaches.

Published: 2012-01-01
Pages:93 to 95
Section: Book Reviews
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Hanson, C. (2012). Indigenous Research Methodologies. International Journal of Critical Indigenous Studies, 5(1), 93-95.